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Welcome to Edurama

Your Performing Arts Program!

Our Classes & Services


Have fun, make new friends, and register today. We can't wait to meet you!

  • Beginning Ballet

  • Immediate Ballet/ Jazz

  • Hip Hop

  • Drama in Literacy

  • Liturgical Dance

  • Music and Movement

  • Storytelling

  • Face painting

  • Balloon Sculptures

  • Create your own package

      (Call for pricing)

What Happens in a Typical Class?

  • Each class begins by warming up our muscles and stretching in our connection circle with friends.

  • We practice our favorite dance moves (and review their fancy French names) like relevé, plié, and jeté.

  • During ballet, we travel to magical lands and make-believe we are beautiful flowers, fairies, birds, bees, and butterflies.

  • We practice our recital routine that we can’t WAIT to perform for you during our recital on the BIG stage!

  • Each class ends with your child getting a stamp or sticker to reward and celebrate her progress and success!

It's Time to Shine!

Children are growing up fast and there is nothing more important than encouraging, and pouring into their creativity. 


Through our performing arts program your child will benefit through independent growth of positive reinforcement, they will thrive with enriching activities, enhance gross motor skills such as balance, strength, and coordination through activities like walking on their tippy-toes, jumping through a hoop, and skipping in a circle, and master proper classroom behavior such as listening skills, waiting in line, and following directions.

Musically they will learn properties of rhythm and musicality through clapping and stomping to the beat, the use of rhythm sticks, and exploring speed and time changes in different music selections. Join us for a glimpse into our Performing Arts program!

Ready to join us? Register Today!

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